Freestyle Design Rates - USA & International

For Canadian clients prices are the same in canadian dollars.

Training & First Level

Music & Choreography - US$950

Second & Third Level

Music & Choreography - US$1025

Fourth Level, FEI Pony, FEI Junior

Music & Choreography - US$1175

FEI Levels - Young Riders, Intermediate and Grand Prix

YR & Intermediate I - US$1350-$1600
Grand Prix - US$1800-$2100

Riding CD

More than an hour of trot, canter & walk, music with
strict tempo matches to your horse - for fun! - US$375

US$300 Deposit is required for freestyles to fourth level.
US$500 Deposit is required for FEI freestyles.

Ovation Package

Included in the Ovation Package are the following additional services: pre-editing of all music to fit your horse’s tempos at the selection stage; a Voice Over version of your final music, with me giving verbal cues about each movement and where it should begin in the music; and, should it be needed, a minor adjustment to the editing of the music post-completion, for tempo or timing.

Grand Prix - US$325

All Other Levels- US$225

Voice Over Only - US$125

Clinic Rates

Contact Applause for rates and information about clinics. You can consult the clinic schedule to find out if there is an upcoming clinic in your area.

A freestyle discount applies to clients who begin the process by riding in an Applause clinic.

Bernadette Pujals and Vincent in Aachen

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