Freestyle Design Rates - USA & International

For Canadian clients, all prices are the same in CAD.

Training, First Level, Para Grades I, II and III

Music & Choreography - US$1250

Second, Third Level, FEI Pony, Para Grade IV

Music & Choreography - US$1350

Fourth Level, FEI Junior, Para Grade V

Music & Choreography - US$1550

FEI Young Rider & Intermediate

Music & Choreography - US$1850

Grand Prix

Music & Choreography - US$2400

Pas de deux prices are the same as for a freestyle of the same level.

Contact me for pricing on special projects, such as demonstrations and quadrilles.

*Note that the prices above are base rates. Some projects may be subject to additional fees. A fee of $150-$350 will be applied when I travel to work with a client, unless it’s in a clinic where my travel costs are already covered.

US$500 Deposit is required for freestyles to fourth level.
US$700 Deposit is required for FEI freestyles.

Ovation Package

Included in the Ovation Package are the following additional services: pre-editing of all music to fit the horse’s tempos at the selection stage; a Voice Over version of the final music, with verbal cues about each movement and where it should begin to fit transitions in the music; should it be needed, a minor adjustment to the editing of the music post-completion, for tempo or timing, up to 6 months after the freestyle has been delivered.

Grand Prix - US$375

All Other Levels- US$250

Voice Over Only - US$150

Applause Dressage client Ben Ebeling

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