Freestyle Design Services

Music Selection

As anyone who has designed a freestyle will tell you, finding music that suits the individual horse
– his gaits, expression and personality – is the most difficult and time consuming step in the design process. I draw from a wide range of music styles, and offer a variety of approaches to finding the right music. It is important for all the music in a freestyle to go well together –
I specialize in finding music for the entry and all the paces that gives the freestyle thematic, stylistic, and instrumental consistency. The music I use is from existing recordings, and is not created on a computer. In other words, only REAL music is used. Over time I have developed a specialty and perhaps even a reputation for creating original, unique freestyles. My music library is constantly growing in new directions, though of course if familiar and toe-tapping is what you are looking for, I have plenty of that too.

Freestyle Design
Rebecca Garrard & German Gigolo
Jennifer Mackenzie & Valentine II

photo credit: Totem Photographics


Good choreography is essential to a good result in competition. The patterns I create show off each horse's strengths, interpret the music to its best advantage, and use the arena inventively.

I also guarantee that your choreography will include all the compulsory movements for your level, and that it won't include movements of a higher level that could cause penalties or elimination.

Digital Editing

The music you choose for your freestyle is rarely perfect when we start; tempos need to be adjusted to match the horse, pieces of music have to be made shorter or longer to suit the needs of the choreography, parts need to be made louder or quieter, and different pieces have to be mixed together to allow for smooth transitions between paces.

This is the stage where the individual elements of music and choreography become combined. Many of my clients are surprised by how special and individual their freestyles sound once I have edited the music.

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